Sat 5 October 2013

It had stopped raining when I woke up this morning, finally!  Still overcast and very humid, arch and I set off for a longer walk than yesterday. I had to take off my jacket pretty soon as the humidity was bad. Walked the rest of the way in just a T shirt, very warm for October.

Only trouble with taking my jacket off was the height of the nettles! I ended up nettling my arm and could I find any dock leaves? Nada, not a one. So I just put up with the stinging until it wore off.

i also noticed that there were loads of acorns in the woods, many more than usual. Maybe the good summer had a good effect on the oak trees. Archie had a good time with me throwing sticks, but he didn’t get much whittling done as the sticks were too wet from all the recent rain!

of course, when I got home my hair was a huge frizz ball from the humidity – so much for anti frizz conditioner!

I dropped Archie at home, then popped down to friars chocolate shop to get some gifts for the exhibition judges. They always have such fab gifts this tome of year. I couldn’t resist getting myself a bit of choc to eat later….

After lunch I got back to the decorating and at least I’ve now finished the difficult high bits at the top of the stairs. I got an extending pole to fasten the brushes and roller to and it worked great.   Just glossing to do now, but there’s a lot of it, due to all the doors leading off the landing….  Ah well, once it’s done, it’s done,

Watched a couple of episodes of monkey life on TV. Then switched it off again, I hate TV.  Although I am now watching Groundhog Day, one of my all time favourite films,

I’ve decided to stop wishing for things I can’t have. there must be millions of people in the world who would be grateful for what I have, so I ought to be content with it too. Despite being overweight, I seem to be pretty healthy; I have a good job; I own half a house; I have enough money to go on regular trips away and do new things.

So, I’m just going to make thee best of it.  I guess some people are just not destined to have a life like other people have and I must be one of those. Ok, maybe in the next life I will have some family, a husband, maybe some children….

anyway, i had a busy day, but found a couple of minutes to do my daily sketch.  It’s not up to much, but it was literally a couple of minutes worth…


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