Friday 4th Oct 2013

daily sketch1


As promised to myself, I have done a sketch. I really want to see if I can do one a day.

it was pelting with rain this morning on the way to work, getting very wintery now.  Had a pretty busy morning at work; one of our specialist raw materials hadn’t been delivered and the manufacturing plant ran out of it. The supplier hasn’t got one of their materials from the USA so couldn’t make our material.  So I had to get the guys to test alternatives speedily and alter formulations to keep this running. Hopefully we will get some of the proper stuff delivered in a week or so.

Early finish on Fridays, so I came home and took Arch  for a short walk because it was so wet. We were only out about an hour. Then I popped through to Cockermouth to meet Sharon for a cuppa.  Was lovely to see her an we had a giggle.

Home again to take Archie to the vet. He needed his anal glands squeezed again. Suffers from that a lot and he absolutely hates getting them squeezed, bless him.

Then I did a bit of decorating, painting the landing at the top of the stairs – I’m slowly workout my way upstairs and along the top!

Busy day.

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