Thursday 3rd October

It was awfully dark when I woke up this morning, but good because it meant that I’d woken up at the right time! Good start to the day.

Long meeting this morning, but we resolved some stuff, so I guess it was worth it. Boiling hot in the factory though! 

I had resolved to start walking round the block again every lunch time, but was foiled by the rain today, so instead I went over to the diner and bought a salad for lunch. It was massive and not very slimming – full of cheese, prawn mayo and coleslaw..

The afternoon was quite uneventful, except for a bit of fun fixing the printer on the balance in the weighing area. No wonder it didn’t work – it was covered in pigment! Working OK now though; it’s quite satisfying fixing things.

Rained heavily on the drive home, so I didn’t even go out for a walk tonight.

Have managed to do some housework though. then read my emails and got a shock as one of the exec committee of the society has resigned. Bummer, as he was one of the best we have. I hope some more people will come forward at the AGM, which we’ve just arranged for November in Birmingham.

That’s my exciting day today!

I have been thinking of doing a small drawing every day, or at least something arty and am going to try and publish it on here daily – this has turned into a kind of diary anyway, so it’s as good a place as any. Maybe I’ll be able to see if I improve over the course of time…

Might start this weekend, although I do have more decorating to do 😦

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