Weds 2nd October 2013

After the poor day I had yesterday, I wanted to be more positive today. However, my medication let me sleep until 9 am. I felt completely drugged this morning and struggled to shake that feeling off.

arrived at work to find there was no water and everyone in a flap and needing the loo! 

It came back on after an hour or so, much to everyone’s relief and I was finally able to have a cup of tea.

 Made an appointment to see a doctor for Friday. Apparently, they want to see me about repeat prescriptions. After 3 and a half years?

it was a slow day, but quieter than yesterday, at least I didn’t manage to upset everyone. Got some application forms to look through for the graduate job I’m recruiting for. None of them were very suitable though, some were wildly over qualified, one lives in Greece and the others just couldn’t write a cv. Hope we get some more.

feeling terribly lonely today for some reason. Some days it just gets me like that, even though I try to count my blessings. 

This evening I have done some drawing and I am now off for an early night so I don’t oversleep tomorrow.


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