Too busy to draw?

I sounded more grumpy than I actually was yesterday, although I am being much more assertive in my life! 

There’s so much going on at the moment though, that I am actually too busy for any art. Now that’s a shame as I need all the practice I can get! Having got my pics into the exhibition I still need to get them frames, but I desperately want to experiment with some of the ideas I had earlier in the year. Guess it will just have to wait a couple of months.

This weekend was all go, but at last the house is getting back to normal. The living room looks like a room again and not a demolition site, although I still need the joiner to some and put up some shelves and change the door. Hopefully this week. 

This weekend I am going down to London again for another bike ride. This time it’s only 8 miles – should be a doddle after the 70 I did last year. It’s part of a big event, so I expect there will be disruption for people who live there and I know how that feels, after living with the Christians in Keswick for the past week…

We are going to the Proms too, looking forward to that.  Now, if only I could extend my days by a couple of hours, I might get some painting done…

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