Raining again

It’s rained pretty solidly since yesterday afternoon, in fact it was pretty torrential through the night and still going.

This time last week I was travelling home from Buddhafield having had the best camping weather.

I enjoyed the camping; the festival was a bit too new age though and a bit too basic hygiene wise!

I seem to have returned much more assertive and bolshy than I used to be and I hope it lasts. I’ve spent too long being a much walked over carpet and it’s kind of nice to say no and not take any shit any more. There’s nowt to lose by voicing what I think; what’s the worst that can happen? People might not like me? Well, that won’t make a lot of difference as I never see anybody anyway.

So, hopefully this is the end of timid me.

Back to Buddhafield and here are a few shots of the festival… if nothing else, it allowed me some good solitary meditation and also thinking space.


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