Well, here I am in Glastonbury, the most lovely place. It’s right up me street, with every other shop selling something Buddhists or mystical! There are loads of crystal shops, goth clothing shops, tarot and colour therapy places, etc….

I’ve had the most lovely day. It’s been very hot, 31 degrees. I visited Glastonbury abbey this morning, then went to the chalice wells, which is a beautifully peaceful place with its own mineral water spring. Had lunch with some lovely people, went shopping, then had dinner, wine and a walk around bushes coombe!

Brilliant day. Now I am sitting in a trendy wine bar having a glass of Pinot Grigio, on my own and suddenly my mood has dipped. I guess I don’t want to be on my own any more.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Tomorrow I’m going to Buddhafield, camping. It should be absolutely great. A festival of Buddhists, with meditation, workshops, music and fun. And to start it all off, there is a speed dating event. Which I will go to. You never know, I might meet the man of my dreams. Or his twin, as I’ve already met the man of my dreams!!

Tut! Sentimental fool.

Too much Pinot Grigio.

Had a disappointment today too. Was supposed to be arranging the cp exhibition in London for 2015, but the gallery refused us. I feel like I have let down the society, they were all excited about it. Now I need to find a suitable alternative….

Ah well, I will think about all that when I get home. Enjoy the holiday meanwhile…. 🙂

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