Driving miss ruby


I enjoy driving.

its something I have realised gradually over the years as I’ve become more confident and relaxed behind the wheel. After I passed my driving test, I was terrified for what seemed like ages; just couldn’t get to grips with driving a car. It was an unpleasant necessity and I avoided driving if I could. As the years passed, I’ve grown to like driving a lot.

And I’m quite a calm driver too. I never see any point in getting agitated or angry behind the wheel. sometimes I do drive a bit fast,  but generally I reckon I’m not a bad driver. So one of the things that does annoy me a little is when someone else is driving like an idiot.  For example, if they are right on my tail while driving at high speed, or driving erratically, trying to overtake constantly. My drive to work can often be slow, following a string of wagons on a single carriageway ‘main’ road. It’s amazing how many drivers get so impatient that they take ridiculous risks to get to the front. Probably the thing that annoys me the most is those drivers who overtake on roundabouts by positioning themselves in the wrong lane, then suddenly changing lanes on the roundabout, cutting in front of me…. Tut!

One of my favourite things is to drive through the quiet Cumbrian roads, listening to good music in my lovely little car. My Panda is the second Panda I’ve owned and I love them. This one is the very first car I’ve ever owned from brand new. I was so excited the day I went to pick it up and it smelled so new and fresh. It had only 7 miles on the clock, bright red and so shiny sitting in the garage forecourt.

Imagine my dismay when a couple of weeks ago I was reversing out of a parking space and a car behind suddenly decided to reverse out at the same time, scraping down the side of my lovely new car! Luckily, I had a witness who saw what happened and said that it was definitely the fault of the other driver. Lets hope the insurers can sort it out cos it will cost me £500  to put right if I have to pay.

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