As this is an art blog primarily, the title of this post is painting. However, today that means painting and decorating. the builders have finished in my living room and so my hard work begins.  Still need the electrician to come and put the sockets and lights back, which is why I have given up this evening as it’s too dark to see now. 

Been a busy week with the exhibition entries, but I let everyone know, with the exception of one poor lady, whose email I managed to send to myself rather than her! I was a bit tired after 200 emails, so I’ve explained.   Now I seem to be getting an endless stream of queries…

The other news I heard today is that the Weatherspoons chain is opening a pub in Keswick.  Good in some ways, I guess, as their beer is cheap. But another chain opening here is another step away from a town of individual shops. We are turning into Anytown, Anywhere.



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