Cycling again



Today was a pretty uneventful day for a Monday and my mood has been pretty good. It was fine enough for a walk around the block at lunchtime; bit breezy, but better than sitting in my office.

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that give you the most pleasure and today I found that on my drive home from work. The traffic was lighter than usual for some reason and I really enjoyed driving my little red Panda, listening to Cosi Fan Tutte on the ipod. It gave me a real sense of peace and pleasure. Plus, the light on Bass Lake was stunning – a patch of sunlight had broken through the grey cloud and the blue sky hovered above Dodd Fell, reflecting from the bareness at the summit. The trees suddenly stop on Dodd and they have cleared everything from the top – it reminded me of desperate Dan from the Beano; his beard was really stubbly and his chin huge. Dod summit today was just like it – the sun picked out the rounded summit with it’s stubbly ‘beard’. LLovely.

Managed to get out cycling too tonight. It was June last year when I did the 110km around London and I’ve hardly been out on the bike since. So to motivate myself, I’ve signed up for two cycling events. The first is in August – in London again, but only 8 miles this time. However, 50 000 cyclists are expected to take part!

The second event is 38 miles, but in the Lakes, which will be rather more of a challenge, especially as it goes up Whinlatter. That’s in September, so I need to get out and train. Only did 5 miles today, but it was really windy. Must remember to close my mouth when I’m cycling – caught more flies than a Venus fly trap!

Anyway, going to have an early night as I slept really badly last night. But before I retire, I need to draft an email to all the entrants of the exhibition. Results are in and there will be some excited people and some disappointed ones. I’m very pleased to say that both of mine were accepted.


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