I’m quite excited about some ideas I’ve had for coloured pencil art. One of the reasons that coloured pencil paintings still fail to be taken seriously in the ‘art world’ is that they are considered to be predictable. By that I mean people expect photo-realistic studies, copies from photos, botanical masterpieces, etc.

Of course, pencils lend themselves to that type of work – detailed drawings, fine detail.

But what if they didn’t? What if we could do abstract stuff. or imaginative pieces? Would the galleries start to take us more seriously and agree to exhibit our work?

That is my plan and that is why I’m experimenting with loads of different techniques to see what I get!

Watch this space – if I succeed I will post it, if not I’ll probably post it anyway for the sheer hell of it 🙂

You may have noticed that my blog has changed – much more art based, although I’m sure I’ll still have the odd rant from time to time….

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