Around the block

so, I’ve started another blog. I’ve missed it really, it was probably the only chance I had to be the real me, if you get that! Not sure it makes sense, but I know what I mean!

Anyway, I’ve started again for two reasons:

  1. To practice writing, as I am in writing groups and need to try and improve my skill.
  2. To be able to bare my soul to someone who may be reading it. There’s no-one in real life that I can do that with.

Today as I was taking my usual stroll around the block at lunchtime, I had the idea of doing another blog. I like writing and I’d like to get to a stage where people like reading what I write.

Today was warm, muggy warm as there was no sun and it looked like it might rain all day. However, I decided to take a risk and do the block anyway and if I got wet, then so be it. I didn’t.  The walk is about 1.2 miles and usually takes me 20 minutes if I don’t rush. It’s around an industrial estate, but one that’s heavily planted.

As I set off, I walk down past a row of small industrial units, one of which sells food, so I always have to avoid going in there to prevent myself from buying a Mars bar or something similar. I managed to pass it by today and carried on to the junction at the bottom of the hill. Turning left opposite the Tax Office I couldn’t help but notice all the cars on the street. they have a car park, but for some reason nobody parks in it and they all leave their vehicles on the street, making entry into our place quite tricky. They’re also on strike all the time, countless mornings I drive past them picketing outside the office. I guess that’s what I pay taxes for, to support the tax office staff when they are on strike…

Up to the next corner and a right turn this time. Now I’m walking up hill again but towards the fells in the east. They look stunning today, as always, but very moody and in shades of grey (the shades of grey that were only colours before the crap novel came out).  Along both sides of the road there are trees; lots of trees and well established. My factory can’t be seen now for the trees, neither can the Eddie Stobart depot opposite. There used to be a warehouse for Past Times and Whittard Teas, but both have closed now and there is warehouse space for rent.  the May blossom is fabulous on the trees, really thick and white this year and as I approach the next corner, I catch a whiff of new mown grass. the council workmen are out with their mowers cutting the verges. I think it’s a shame as the verges are covered in pretty wildflowers and they are just cut away…

The next stretch is the longest, so I turn right again around the mowers and walk past the Energus building – a new learning centre affiliated with Sellafield. the flowers are beautiful, mostly just the common wild flowers, but why people treat them as weeds I will never know as they are wonderful. Daisies, Buttercups, Vetch, Ribwort, Yarrow, white and purple clovers  and Dandelions, although they are now just clocks as the flowers have passed.  More May blossom on the trees above and the whole lot is stunning. I pass the fabric factory and the motor works, then turn right again facing the sea.

the view isn’t as good as it sometimes is on this muggy tuesday, but I can still see right across the Solway and into Scotland, the huge wind farm in the centre of the firth standing proud above the water. the trees thin out here and there’s a huge meadow, which I suppose is a future development site. I prefer the meadow. People walk their dogs here, although I always think it’s not much of a walk for an eager dog.

The road I’m on curves around to the right, so there is no right hand turn this time, but the flower meadow continues to amaze and inspire me. Isn’t it great how you can get so much pleasure from something as simple as a field of flowers?

By now, I’m at the front of the Energus building and almost back. They have a large pool and water feature in the front and a huge slate sign. the whole lot must have cost a fortune to build, my tax money again!

Last lap and another right turn up the hill back to work. As I approach the factory once more, passing the hedge of saplings that was planted when we moved in 5 years ago, I stop to admire the Red Campion, shifting from side to side in the breeze. A beautiful flower and much prettier than the cultivated shrubbery around the Energus site.

Looking at my watch, I see I just have time to make a cup of soup (Heinz tomato in a tube) before resuming work in 10 minutes time.

And I will do all this again tomorrow….

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