End of year

As 2012 draws to it’s close, I’ve been reflecting a little bit on the last 12 months.
In many ways, I have made progress, but in some I fear I’ve gone backwards slightly.

Overall, 2012 was a good year for me. I had a few good trips abroad, Copenhagen, Nice and Monte Carlo, Jersey. I was a games maker at the Olympics, which I loved. I tried lots of new things and improved my singing to the stage where I can actually sing solo in a room full of people without thinking I sound like a drowning cat….
I did some acting, taking my Shakespeare knowledge up another level.

In the down side, I have gained a stone in weight and feel unhealthy for it. I don’t take as much exercise as I used to and my resolve to be independent has wavered significantly.

It’s 22.50 now and I’m snuggled up in bed with my iPad, hoping I will be asleep before midnight. It’s unlikely as there are usually loads of fireworks in the vicinity. Keswick is awful at new year, chock full of tourists who all gather in the market square to countdown to midnight. It’s no use at all going into any of the pubs as they are full of people you’ve never seen, they all have bouncers n the door, and if you can fight your way through to the bar, it’s so jam packed that you can’t lift the glass to your lips without spilling the lot.

So bed is the best place to be. I was invited down to a friends timeshare to see in the new year with 3 pals. But my wavering independence put a stop to that…
That is something I need to address next year.

But for now, I will get settled down in the hope that the fireworks don’t keep me awake and don’t scare the shit out of Archie, who is terrified of the noise they make.

See you next year…..

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