The so called festive season has so far passed reasonably well. I managed a 5 hour walk on Christmas Day and a fairly long walk on Boxing Day. I must say I feel better for both of those, and it’s particularly pleasurable as there were so few people about.
Today I went for a walk with company for a change, then to the pub for lunch. It is quite nice to walk with someone else and chat for a change.

This years royal institute Christmas lectures are pretty entertaining. They are titled alchemy and are chemistry based. Put together really well, with lots of spectacular chemical reactions, I really wish they could still teach chemistry in school this way. It’s the only way to get kids interested in chemistry, but health and safety nowadays means that teachers can’t do anything that reacts violently. The most they can do is turn rock salt into table salt….
No wonder there aren’t many kids studying science.

I’ve been meaning to do some art while off work over Christmas, but what with the longer walks and the tv I’m watching, I haven’t got round to it yet. I’ve watched more tv over the last few days than I have all year I reckon. Quite enjoying some of it too, like the institute lectures. And a drama show tonight about a spy during the war. Miranda was very funny last night, although the royle family has lost it’s edge. Sometimes comedy shows should quit while they are ahead…

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of my Christmas walks. Not great pics, taken on mobile, so a bit grainy…



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