Christmas Eve. I have made an effort to celebrate Christmas this year and I’m doing pretty well really. I’ve found a good way to do it, while still managing to more or less please myself in what I do.

I’m enjoying it too. Last night I did go carol singing in the valley. Singing lovely tunes at or in people’s houses. An eye opener though. Although I’ve walked past most of those houses many times, I’ve never been inside them or even at the door. Some of those places are massive! I learned a little about how the other half live. In one house, so huge that my entire house would have fitted in their garage, I discovered that it was their holiday home, only used occasionally. Their first home is in London, where the guy is a broker of some sort. In his thirties and filthy rich! They invited us in to sing to their guests. It was kind of like one of those country house parties that existed in Jane Austen novels….. Surreal.

I went for an eye test today and as I thought I do need a new pair of specs. I have noticed the tiny print is getting more difficult to see..
I seemed to be in for ages, but they were much more thorough than specs avers where I went last time. This was a private optician in Keswick, much friendlier. I chose quite a dramatic radleigh frame, deeper than my current pair, more suitable for varifocals I’m told.

Tomorrow being Christmas Day, I am going for a long walk. It’s not my favourite day of the year, but I cope well with it nowadays by treating it as a normal day. Last year I did a 15 mile walk and loved it. Quieter than normal as I suspect people were all guzzling Christmas lunch. I’m hoping its not too wet in the morning. Don’t mind drizzle, but continuous rain is a pain on a long walk. Not that Archie cares!

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