I’m ever so tired today, for no apparent reason! It’s been a pretty normal day, spent a fair bit of time in the office, but also got out into the factory a bit and had a nice walk at lunchtime in the freezing, but fresh air.
Kept busy after work too, doing housework and putting some lights up outside for my neighbour. Yes, in the dark!

The accident yesterday evening has been preying on my mind somewhat. The man I saw lying in the road sadly died. I don’t know who he was yet, but it’s being reported that he was 53 and local. Same age as me 😦
I can’t get the images out of my head of the policeman trying to revive this man. He was a pedestrian and four drivers were also involved, so I can’t even guess what happened. Except that if I’d been a few minutes earlier….. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

In order to out the incident out of my mind, I am going to bed now to read for a while- something light and happy I reckon!

Goodnight 🙂

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