Clear days at last

After all the complaining I’ve done regarding the endless rain, the last few days have taken me by surprise. They have been glorious!
I’d forgotten how beautiful Cumbria can be when the sun shines…
The full moon, with Jupiter nestling beside it huge and bright; sunsets and sunrises to die for, it’s all just made me smile every day.

Driving to and from work was almost light this week because of the clear frosty days and on Wednesday morning there was a HUGE orange moon slowly sinking towards the Solway, but by the time I got to work it had gone. Not that it mattered as I had no camera!

Took the camera the next day, but it hasn’t been quite so spectacular since. I did get some nice shots today on my walk. But they are still on the camera – ill download them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are a few I took with my phone – not wonderful obviously, but not bad for a phone…

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