Interesting couple of days. I got up at 5.30 yesterday morning in order to go to Nuneaton to pack up the UKCPS exhibition. Expecting the journey to take about 3.5 hours, I’d arranged to meet the others at 9.30.
The best laid plans….
Firstly when I set off, it was raining so heavily the traffic was slow. Still extremely dark, the spray was dreadful, especially once I got onto the M6 at junction 40. It seemed to take forever to lighten, something to do with all the heavy rain I suspect.

Round about Manchester the rain lessened and I thought I’d be speeding up a bit…
Not so.
I have never seen so many accidents on the M6. It’s a bad road, but yesterday it was awful. And the drivers were awful too. As we approached one particularly nasty incident, those orange signs were flashing to alert us that the outside land was closed. Obviously, we were all crawling along, except for all the idiots that pulled out into the outside lane, sped up to the accident, then tried to push their way into the front of the other two lanes, causing further delay and disruption. So frustrating!

Anyway, after several f these incidents, I was so late that I took the toll road at £5.50. What a difference – well worth the dish as I probably would have used more than that in fuel stopping and starting past Birmingham.

When I got to my exit at junction 3 there was only a few miles to the gallery. However, it was after 11.30 when I got there. 5.5 hours!

So when it came to the return journey after all the packing and posting, I couldn’t face another 5 hour drive, so decided to stay over.

Glad I did after all, as it was fine this morning, the rain had stopped and I got home in just over 3 hours.

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