Had a little lie in today before setting off for the hospital. And joy of joys, there was no rain!
In fact, it was quite sunny on the drive to Carlisle. The roads were still very wet, but the day was nice. There were lots of quite deep puddles round the back of the lake, the deepest being about 10 inches I’d say. Not too bad to drive through.

The scan at hospital was ok, the wait was longer than the actual scan in the end! They just moved me in and out of an X-ray tunnel…. Anyway, the results will be a couple of weeks so we will see.

On the way home, it started raining again. Not constantly, but heavy showers. I stopped off at Dobbies garden centre on the way back. It’s quite a big centre and has a lovely cafe and a food shop that sells delicious home made bread and cakes….
You can guess what I came out with!

Once home, I took Archie for a walk and managed most of the way in the dry. However, the paths were sodden and I had to wade through some massive puddles, especially crossing over borrowdale road.

This evening was the start of the Shakespeare workshop again. I enjoyed most of it, except the bit where we did the dancing and music…..
I guess that’s what they do at RADA where our tutors came from! We do learn an awful lot from them though.

So tomorrow we are working on The Tempest again, with some one to one tuition. Should be interesting.

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