Long weekend

Raining again this morning. Heavily. It never let up all day and in fact we could see lakes appearing from the factory windows that weren’t there yesterday! As I wrote that, there was a big clap of thunder, but I think the rain has actually stopped briefly.

I started a long weekend today, not back to work till next Wednesday, which is quite good. Although tomorrow morning I am heading to Carlisle infirmary for a ct scan on my head to see if there’s any reason why I get all the headaches I’ve been having. I reckon it’s just a food allergy or something, but I guess it’s best to get it checked out.

That will take up a lot of the day, so not sure what ill have time to ado afterwards.

Oh, the rain has just started again, with a vengeance.

I am also worried about my lovely cousin, who had a serious operation last week. It’s gone very quiet, after the initial updates on his progress, which makes me worry. Having just found him and his family a couple of years ago after 35 years, I would like to get to know them all a lot better.

Shakespeare workshop this weekend, so I’m still learning parts of The Tempest. Will take the lines with me tomorrow to learn while I’m waiting in the hospital. Might make my brain bigger, so they can find it easier!

Night night! X

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