Dark and rainy

Well, when I got in the car this morning it was dry, but very dark. By the time I got to the microclimate that is Embleton, it was raining heavily once more.

I felt rough first thing, having developed a cough to go with the cold!
But as the day went on I improved and felt ok by mid afternoon. I worked a bit late to catch up on some legislative stuff that has to be sorted. Got home after 6.30, obviously in the dark too. That’s what I really dislike about this time of year, the lack of daylight. Makes me not want to do much in the evenings. Summer is fine, I go walking, cycling, all sorts of stuff. But it just doesn’t inspire action when it’s pitch black and pouring with rain!

I have a long weekend coming up this week though, so hopefully I will get a bit more daylight.

Wonder where I can get one of those daylight lamps to cure S.A.D….

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