Work in progress

My latest picture is coming along. It’s a face from magazine – no idea who it is, but I love faces with a lot of character; faces that have lived a life….

Much more inserting to draw.

Today it has mostly rained all day, again. Plus wind. It was awful outside the factory, which is high on a hill facing the west coast and gets the worst of t he wind at the best of times…
I had to go out in the yard for a while to relocate a skip (not personally – I was just deciding where it would go) and I got soaked in a few minutes.

Apart from drawing today I have been trying to learn a speech from the tempest for the weekend Shakespeare workshop. It just won’t seem to stick this time. But if I keep repeating it before I go to sleep, it’s reckoned to be a good way to remember…

Head still woolly and the ringing in the ears is getting annoying now. Must be what it’s like to live with tinnitus, I feel for those people.

Here is my work in progress, long way to go yet!


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