Woolly head

Yes, today I have a woolly head, cotton wool with ringing ears to match!
And it was raining when I got up, continuing to rain all day, along with blustery winds.

Still, could be worse, it could be snowing! Not a lot happened today, fairly quiet at work, but I did pop into Workington after work for a few bits and bobs. My heart sank somewhat as I spotted the Christmas decorations. It’s approaching fast and I’m really not looking forward to it. My least favourite time of year I guess. As I don’t believe in the religious significance of Christmas, to me it’s just a couple of weeks of commercialism in the extreme, a time when people buy enough food to feed several African villages, when they eat and drink until all they can do is snore in front of the telly…..

Plus, I always have to turn down invites to go someone’s house for dinner, so that I won’t be alone..
And why would I be more alone on Christmas Day than any other I don’t know.
In fact last year was a good Christmas Day. I got up early and went for a bike ride down the valley, then had a lovely long walk over Lonsdale fell with Archie. Perfect! No people about and a ham sarnie for lunch.

I was hoping to do something similar this year, but the pressure is already on to join in the ‘festivities’.

I did a bit more artwork this evening and I’m quite pleased with it so far. I might post a pic of my progress so far tomorrow if it goes ok tomorrow. Meanwhile I need to get to sleep to stop the ringing in my lugs!

Nighty night x

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