Short post today as I’m full of cold…
No rain all day, which is the first time for ages it’s been dry for a full day.

Had a lovely walk this afternoon without having to get togged up in all the rain gear!
Archie had to go to the vet as he’s been scratching a lot- he has allergies to grass mites, so gets a jab every now and then to relieve the itching. It should improve in the winter though when the mites die down.

Went to Penrith this evening to a jazz singing workshop. Jilly Jarman, who is a great performer and is teaching 6 of us to sing. I learn loads from her about how to change and project my voice. Really enjoyed it tonight, even had no inhibitions about singing solo in front of the others. I havent got the best voice in the world, but I can keep to the tune. But singing tonight, jolly said I had a powerhouse voice! Never thought about it like that before!

Although I will ever be an Ella Fitzgerald, I enjoy singing and that’s what it’s all about in life, int it?

Going to bed with a lemsip! Art group tomorrow, so I need to be fit…

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