A weally wet walk…..

Just for a change this morning, it was raining! Not the drizzly stuff of yesterday, but downright pissing down.

Work was interesting this morning, a more unusual problem to solve, so it flew by. It’s only half day on Fridays, which is brill – makes a lovely long weekend!
I stopped off at Cockermouth on the way home to visit my friend Barbara, who has just moved into a new house. What a fab house it is too! A huge conservatory, massive kitchen and even an en- suite bathroom… She was lucky to find it and I think she and her husband will be happy there. She made a sandwich for us and we had a good old natter. Called into Sainsburys in Cockermouth for a few bits before heading home.

Being later home, I was late taking Archie for his afternoon walk, and what a grumpy boy he was.
It was raining so heavily that it took me a while to get togged up in all the waterproof gear. Meantime, Archie was getting impatient and started singing, in his excited little high pitched voice…

Full of himself, he started chewing on his lead at the gate. It was a wet walk indeed, the lovely autumn leaves that should have been crunching and rustling underfoot were soggy, slippery and starting to rot. Water inches deep covered most of the tracks and the fields we crossed were squelching, muddy and dirty.

But I still enjoyed the walk, the best thing being how quiet it was. Half term over, all the people have gone, so it’s probably the best time of year for peace and quiet!

Back to grumpy Archie. About half an hour into the walk we met a woman with two black Labradors. Now Archie is usually very well behaved with other dogs, but for some reason he’s always hated back labs. I haven’t a clue why, but he just doesn’t like them! So, before I could get him on his lead, he launched himself at one of these dogs, snarling and barking. Took me a few minutes to get him to walk on, when normally he will greet a dog, tail wagging, do a few circuits with the other dog, sniffing and greeting, then walk on happily. The woman wasn’t overly impressed, but there was no harm done, it was all noise and bluster.

Then later in big wood, he suddenly launched himself off the track into the trees. Thinking it was a deer, I didn’t react. He always chases deer if they run, but they’re too fast for him! However, when I saw a chap walking towards me, I realised that he had a dog that was being chased by Archie. Suddenly a huge German Shepherd cam hurtling out of the wood, with Archie in hot pursuit, snapping and growling…
The massive dog, was squealing in fright, though it was about three times the size of Archie. This time, he did at least listen to me and stopped the chase when told. The chap was ok about it, but god knows why Archie had got himself into such a grump today…

The rest of the walk passed uneventfully, after he’d had a talking to. Got home, soggy and muddy, dried him down and had a snuggle up on the sofa with a book and a lovely cup of tea.

I probably won’t get the diary blog done for the next couple of days as I’m off to Birmingham in the morning to man the stands at the ICHF show at the NEC.

See you in a couple of days

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