All quiet on the western front

The rain wasn’t so heavy this morning, just that drizzly rain. It was pretty mild though.
I got to sleep quite late last night, but was surprisingly not that tired when the alarm went off.

There was a distinct lack of trucks on the A66 too, so a quicker journey than usual. It was a day for the red hot chilli peppers on the cd, too early for the bouncy funk that is Kool & the gang!

A strange day at work, starting with the catchup on yesterday’s emails and messages. Then I did a factory tour, which I always enjoy, followed by the weekly meeting, which is not so enjoyable!
The engineer returned today with some more replacement parts for the machine he didn’t fix last week. This time we got a new control panel, with updated program, along with three new load cells. And finally, it was working again!

The rest of the day passed well, ending with me dropping off some pencils to a customer on the way home. After some tasty fajitas for dinner, I did some more drawing – this time a bit more successful.

So, a very quiet day, but not an unpleasant one. A new book to start tonight, so I think I will retire early to read it.

Goodnight xx

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