So THAT explains it!

Still raining!

But a bit of a different day today, as it was a trip to hospital for some ongoing treatment. I got there a bit early, so popped into Maplins to get a watch battery. Waited quite a long time in the ward, they seemed really busy today. When I finally got in to see the doc, there was a trainee doctor there too, which I wasn’t ecstatic about it I suppose everyone has to learn!

The colposcopy and biopsy weren’t too bad, although the trainee took ages to do them..
However, the nurses in there are fab, chatting and keeping you occupied. I did complain that the pictures on the ceiling were the same as last time tough.. They’ve promised to put up some new ones by the next visit!

I had a wait then before the next bit, so had time to go for a wander round, have a cuppa, etc.
then another wait and the unpleasant bit!

However, during my chat with the doc after, some interesting things came to light! Seems the medication I have been taking for this problem has some side effects…
And I’m really glad as it explains some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing lately.
Headaches and nausea which have been bothering me a bit. But the main side effect apparently is depression! What a great treatment for me…. Never came up in the conversation that I’d been depressed, so it wasn’t mentioned as a side effect!

So it certainly explains why I haven’t been as good as I thought I was doing. And now I know that I feel a lot better.

I was supposed to go to a meeting of the community foundation in Whitehaven this evening about getting funding for Rosehill theatre, but I was knackered by the time I got home, so had to let them down. I’m sure the others will have done a brilliant presentation though, and our next fundraising event is only a couple of weeks away.

Did a couple of charcoal drawings instead.

In the car on the way back from Carlisle I was in the mood for some funky music and put on a Kool & the Gang cd. Loved it! Reminds me so much of Israel, working on the Kibbutz, picking oranges and grapefruit. Every Friday night we’d have a ‘disco’ on the Kibbutz. Shabbat meant all the Israelis spent time with their families and we volunteers just got to party..
Only thing was, there were only about six records. So we just danced to the same songs over and over, while getting pissed on Arak.
Wonderful times. Shabbat of course lasted until Saturday night and we had great meals on Saturdays, a particular favourite being chicken in pomegranate. Delicious! I’ve always intended to try making it, but I doubt it would taste the same…

I’ll just go and look at the old photos and post one of the kibbutzniks, partying!



Not a partying pic, but I will look one out and post it later. They are, of course, pre digital, by many years!

Night night xx

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