Day two :)

Hey well, it’s day two and things are going OK.

I still feel a bit queasy today and quite washed out still, but at least I am at work which is good. Up until the ruddy depression thing, I hadn’t had a day off sick in 20 years! I had to get in today though as there are a couple of meetings I need to do.

Last night was bonfire night and there were some pops and bangs to frighten Archie. He gets so terrified by all the noises – doesn’t matter what I do he hates it.
I didn’t get to sleep until 4am either – combination of my book being a good read and the fact that I’ve slept for two days almost continuously, so when the alarm went at 6am, I was just a tad tired 🙂

The morning was misty and wet and dark. Typical November Lakes weather actually. Stayed wet most of the day.
The good thing about being sick is that I didn’t eat anything for two days, so I must have lost a bit of weight. However, I got invited to lunch with the customers I had the meeting with, so it probably went straight on again! Ah well, it’s winter and I need the fat to keep warm.

It’s pretty warm now although still raining. Just down a bit of an experimental drawing in charcoal that may be used on some packaging for a new product. We will just have to wait and see.
Thanks to my friend Bill I am quite enthusiastic about stuff today. He has a talent for listening and giving a pep talk that is cunningly disguised as anything other than a pep talk. But a very intelligent view on most things gives him such an edge when it comes to that subtle injection of enthusiasm! He always manages to make my day just a bit brighter. I have no idea why us grumpy northerners seem to think that southerners are so unfriendly. That myth has been blown apart every time I go to London where most of the folk I’ve met have been nothing but friendly. So here’s to the sarf!
Bet it doesn’t blinking rain as much either…

Anyway, early blog tonight. Going to have a play on the old Joanna before I retire. I am practising the maple leaf rag by Scott Joplin. I used to play that many moons ago when I had my old piano at home, just a bit rusty nowadays. But I reckon I can still play given some more practice!

Tomorrow I’m not looking forward to very much. Another trip to Carlisle hospital for yet another colposcopy and more treatment. It’s not very pleasant, but hey, could be a lot worse. And they have a great picture of a paradise island on the ceiling so you can daydream that you’re not really there! And at least I will see a bit of daylight while driving there and back, unlike normal work days.

Well, that’s all for today, off to tinkle those ivories 🙂

Love and kisses xxx

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