A new day

The flu doesn’t seem to have materialised, but I woke with a stonking headache. Good job it’s Saturday. I had a few strange dreams too, some of which I remember in bits. One was about the Isles of Scilly, where I lived some 30 years ago. The dream was nice, how could it not be in such a lovely place. I wonder if the dream was triggered by the news the other day that the helicopter service was ending to the islands. I loved that helicopter journey and it will be a big loss to the islanders. Another dream was about Archie and a cat. They were both getting along very well, which is not like reality….
But another nice dream about my favourite dog.

My walk out with Archie was late today by the time I’d waited for my headache to subside. It was quite cold, but at least the rain had stopped. I did a lot of thinking while walking, as well as giving myself a good talking to.

Have you ever come to the realisation that you are not the person you thought you were? That’s kind of what happened to me today. I realised that Marion is right and that I am a selfish person. It came as a shock, as I always thought I was quite good at being unselfish. Just goes to show that we don’t always have an accurate picture of ourselves.
So my aim is to try and correct that, while at the same time making my life a bit more meaningful and worthwhile. I have a couple of ideas about things I could do to be more useful to the world. If they come off I will keep you posted. Everybody needs a purpose, don’t they? And that is what I need to do – find my purpose.

This evening I watched a good film, rules of engagement. Managed to focus on it all the way through…. Gonna have another early night, as the headache is lingering on and I kind of enjoy being asleep anyway – especially if I have some more nice dreams like last night!

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