The weekend is here!

Raining again this morning, back to normal! But it is Friday and only working half a day. That’s one of the good things about my job, a nice long weekend. And this weekend I have nothing planned, so I can have a good old relax, catch up with a few bits and pieces, maybe draw a bit….

First off, lunch with a friend. I haven’t seen him for a while and I must say he was looking very well and happy. He does loads of exercise, walking, cycling, etc and looks really fit. Made me feel guilty about letting my exercising lapse, so will hopefully motivate me to get going again.
Lunch was nice – lovely bowl of butternut squash soup – and a good natter. It was pelting down when I drove there, but quite sunny driving home afterwards. I bought a new yard brush and bird feeder in the hope that it will be dry enough this weekend to sort the garden out.

This evening I feel all shivery and achey, so I reckon that’s why I’ve been feeling a bit depressed this week. Must be the onset of a cold, which lowers the resistance to feeling jolly!

I’m so cross with myself too for being such an adolescent with my emotions. I suppose that comes from not having time to be adolescent when I was supposed to be! I’m doing it all now… When you’ve spent 50 years bottling up all sign of any emotion, it’s so hard to control them once they find a way out of the bottle…

I’m off to bed now (I know it’s only 9pm) but feeling fluey and very weepy, so off with a lemsip to finish the book and hopefully wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the garden in the morning.

Goodnight dear friends everywhere. You are good people and very patient with me. I don’t deserve it 🙂

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