This morning was a lot brighter as the rain had stopped. When I went out to the car, it was almost light and the sky was a beautiful mixture of pastel blues, pinks and greys – fabulous! And to top it all, snow on the top of Skiddaw, the first snow of the year here. The drive along the lake was slow, behind a load of wagons, but I was pleased for once as I could take in the magnificent beauty of the scenery. Wonderful.

Cumbria is a strange place weatherwise – it’s full of little microclimates, one of which is the valley between Keswick and Workington. I hit the rain just as I approached the valley and the day darkened right down, but emerged again towards the west coast into brilliant bright light. The huge windfarm in the Solway was glinting in the sun and it was clear enough to see detail in the hills and fields in the south of Scotland over the water.

It did lift my mood and I was determined to be happy and positive today. But it’s not that easy to control how I feel and I’m afraid I am just having a really bad day. However, the good news is that I can accept that and know that tomorrow might be better. The bad days are fewer and far between nowadays and nowhere as bad as they used to be.
That old black dog is still hanging around, but it’s easier to chase off than it was….

Work was OK – pretty much the same as usual. More paperwork systems, a bit of training and a short presentation.

At home, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it might be, so my mood did improve. When I wrote the first bit of the blog I was quite down. But, now I’m pretty ok again. Didn’t even need to sleep on it this time – the old black dog has run off into the mist!

Just watched a programme about Morecambe and Wise that made me laugh just as much as it did 25 years ago. They were just brilliant. So I retire to bed happy enough, to enjoy some more of my book. The M & W show overlapped the new red dwarf series, so I will have to catch that on the repeat. Never mind, the book is good.
If only I could stop eating so much, life would be ok….


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