What a wet day it’s been today. I haven’t seen rain like it for a while, even considering I live in the lakes!
Thunder, lightning and torrential downpours all day… I think it is finally stopping now though, thank goodness.

I’m typing this with a sore finger. Actually not just sore, but bloody throbbing! This morning I was closing a filing drawer at work and pushed it closed really hard. The drawer shut super fast and super hard, but my finger was still inside….
Oh, the pain. Ha ha – I couldn’t speak. It was even too painful to swear! And it immediately went black under my nail. So now it is throbbing so much I can swear..

Funny thing is that the same finger is just recovering from almost slicing through it with a broken garden implement the other week.
So I guess I just have a clumsy finger.
Good job it’s on my right hand; I’m left- handed, so all is Ok.


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