A lovely weekend

For what seems like months now  I’ve had lots to do every weekend – rushing from here to there and keeping extremely busy. This weekend, on the other hand, I had not a thing planned.

It started well, with lunch with my friend Barbara, plus catch up. That was Friday, when I finished work at 12 pm ( I know, lucky me!)   A lovely walk with Archie followed, a trip to the GP, then relax.

Cant remember the last time I sat and watched TV in the evening. I’m not a huge fan of TV- the more channels we get, the less there seems to be to watch!

but on Friday, I enjoyed Miranda, then have I got news for you, followed by QI. And I just sat and watched it. Without trying to be busy or feeling guilty 🙂    Plus I discovered some other TV I really like. It’s a program called ‘Pawn stars’ about a US pawn shop. Brill!

Saturday consisted of housework, baking, walking and a look round the shops. I thoroughly enjoyed it.   I’m not what you’d call domesticated when it comes to housework, but every now and then I do love to blitz it all. Find it quite energising! Most of the time I live by the adage ” An immaculate house is the sign of a boring woman” but on Saturday you could have eaten your dinner off the kitchen floor…

Baking was also successful, with a batch of tasty cupcakes. The least satisfactory part of the day was the shopping. Keswick is a place where
Anoraks are plentiful, you can buy enough walking boots to supply the armed forces or woolly hats and walking poles. But if you’re after a yard brush, as I was, no chance!

To finish up the weekend, my friend Sharon came down from Carlisle this morning to go for a walk and a natter. Lovely time, followed by delicious lunch. Great!

I thought next weekend was going to be similar, but a newer friend is coming to stay for a couple of days. I met her in New Zealand last year, when she looked after us tremendously well, so I am pleased to be able to return the favour.

So that may be my only relaxing weekend for a while. And very nice it was too.

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