Fun factory

Today I was reminded why I like my job so much. After getting bogged down in environmental management systems for a while, this week I returned to the parts of the job that are satisfying.
Firstly, I did some colour matching, for a special 12 pencils to be launched soon. Then I got a capital request signed off for a new cutting machine, so I’ve spent a couple of days specifying that with the supplier and sourcing new bushes at the right size for our new sized products.
Then today, there were some problems with a machine in the factory which was giving everyone trouble to fix. Because it was one that I bought in the first place, I was called to have a look. It’s a huge machine, a bulk powder dispensing machine; we load ton bags of clay onto it and it dispenses the required quantity into bags, by feeding the powder up a screw feed into a hopper on some load cells. Once the hopper has reached the correct weight, the clay is dropped through a pipe into a bag below….
Anyway, the backlight on the LCD had blown this morning and in the process had tripped the machine, losing the original settings. So I found myself working though the plc program to reinstate the settings. Very satisfying when I got the thing going again, despite getting covered in china clay!
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Weekend again tomorrow and another busy one for me. Lunch out tomorrow, then pencil heads meeting Saturday, along with the continuing c-art exhibition at the pencil museum. That’s on Sunday too, then all to dismantle…

The only thing that I don’t like at the moment is how dark the mornings are getting when I get up for work. The air smelled of winter today:(.  

Roll on next summer…….


are satisfying.

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