Cold calling

I usually dislike receiving cold calls from people trying to sell me something, although I’m usually polite to the caller who after all is only doing a job to earn money.
Today I did some cold calling of my own; another new experience for me!  It was on a voluntary basis though, not for cash. Went to Rosehill theatre to try and sell tickets for our fundraising evening in aid of the Shakespeare development at the theatre. It will be a good evening I think, with a three course meal, free glass of wine, entertainment and a raffle, all for £15. Plus me and the others waiting on tables!
But i now know what it’s like to be a cold caller. It’s not easy to do, but I have to say everyone was very polite to me and it made me glad that I’m never rude to the people that call me!

One of the things I am doing prior to the fundraising dinner is a Shakespeare workshop for a weekend. Looking forward to it immensely after last year’s successful show at Rosehill where I recited two sonnets on stage. This time we are basing the workshop on The Tempest, which I’m currently reading. The two coaches from last time are returning, thankfully. They are excellent: Bardy and Jenny (David schwimmer’s mother-in-law). They normally coach al actors in London, so its a great opportunity for us to get the same coaching.

Better get back to the tempest, need to have it read and re- read before the workshop….

2 thoughts on “Cold calling

  1. I've always liked The Tempest, and it seems to have been popular this year, being featured in both the Olympics and Paralympics opening ceremonies. Enjoy your workshop. By the way, something has happened to your fish, they're not there anymore!

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