Weighty blog

Healthy eating started again today.  I have realised that I’ve put loads of weight on over the past couple of years.
It would be easy to blame the antidepressants that I take: one of the side effects listed is ‘increased appetite’! However, I’ve been on those pills for almost three years now, so I should have got used to the effects by now.  I’m just eating too much and not exercising enough.

I have gained over one and a half stones, which isn’t good. I only realised when I started puffing and panting going up the steeper hills!
It’s not that I care what I look like, indeed that doesn’t matter a bit, to me or anyone else. No- one to care whether I’m fat or thin.  But I like my walking and if I can’t do it so well, it’s time to do something about it.

So, no more junk food. Longer walks and more cycling. the only downside is that if I get too healthy I may live longer. Bugger!

Was a long day today. The exhibition was quiet; too much time to think. I prefer to keep busy.
It’s so great that the schools go back next week though. I will be able to park my car outside my own house again, will be able to go to the post office without the queue being out of the door. Best of all I will be able to go on my favourite walks without meeting hordes of people in the country lanes!

So the new exercise regime will start with a long walk down Borrowdale next weekend, school- children free!

Anyway, it’s 9pm, so I am off to bed. I know hoe to live it up on a Saturday night. 🙂

Goodnight my dear friends.

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