It’s all over now

The Olympics, that is.

I know that among my friends there are mixed feelings about the Olympics. Some have loved it, as I have; some have hated every second and others have been completely indifferent and just got on with their lives ignoring all references to the games.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, depending which side of the fence you’re on, I have enjoyed almost every minute of the last two and a half weeks. The atmosphere in London was the best it has ever been to a ‘northern outsider’ like me. People actually talked to each other. And the gamesmaker uniform I wore every day gave people the confidence, or maybe the good humour to start a conversation with me, even on the tube. The tube, a place where looking someone in the eye, never mind speaking to them, is considered a complete no-no. But this last fortnight, I’ve had more conversations with tube travellers than I would have thought possible!

The visiting spectators were absolutely wonderful and so full of fun that it was impossible not to smile from ear to ear. The whole experience was ‘feel good’ from start to finish and I’m so glad I volunteered.
And now it’s over. I have slight Olympic withdrawal, even though my last two days down there were spent feeling rough as old bulls lugs. I managed to get heatstroke last Thursday after a particularly long shift in the blazing sun with no hat and not enough water to drink.  So I spent two days in bed, getting every hour or more frequently to throw up, then changing from freezing cold to boiling in a second. Most unpleasant, but not bad enough to ruin my Olympic experience. And now I am home and back at work, all is normal again.

Talking of being back at work, I am amazed by something that happened there recently. There’s a guy who is a bit of a bully and in the past has given me a bit of a hard time at work. He’s aggressive, quite unpleasant and difficult. He and his wife split up a while ago and the surprise for me is that he almost immediately met another woman and is enjoying a new relationship!

What tf am I doing wrong? If a person like that can meet someone so quickly and form a relationship, what is wrong with me? Lol! Maybe I’m just too nice; maybe there are just more women than men of a certain age who are single! Or maybe I’m too bloody fussy!

Or maybe I should have been born a man. If a man chases women it’s quite a respectable thing to do, but if a woman does it, she musts appears desperate and needy (chases a man that is, not a woman!)

Ah well, Ive decided they’re a waste of time anyway. Better to stick with Archie 🙂
Talking of which, the two of us are embarking (!) on a new adventure this weekend. We are going camping. I’ll let you know how that one goes!

Meanwhile, time to chill and enjoy the calm after the storm that was London 2012…..  

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