Bus to Alperton

One of the interesting things for me about being an Olympic games maker is the fact that I can now direct you to most places in the wembley area. Ask me where you can get a bus to Alperton,  a train to Marylebone or Ruislip and I can point you in the right direction. If you want a cash point or a McDonalds or indeed TGIFridays, I can get you there no problem!

As for the tube stations, I spend every day yelling (with or without megaphone) that wembley park is to the left (jubilee and metropolitan lines) and wembley central is on the right (Bakerloo line)
What use this will be in the future I have no idea!

Another thing I particularly like is  the variety of questions I am asked by the spectators. Mostly directions to the stadium, arena or public transport, but occasionally I get a gem. 
One foreign gentleman looked puzzled as I yelled ‘wembley central to your left.’ 
He came over and I could see he wanted to ask something.  ‘can I help you sir?’, said I.
‘which way to wembley central?’ he asked. 
‘do you need the tube station?  Say I.
‘no. Where is my house?’ he asked with an anguished expression.
Needless to say, this one was beyond me.

The other morning, we were told that we could go into the Arena to watch a couple of hours of badminton. However, we were not allowed to go in our uniforms and must put a T shirt or similar over our red and purple shirts so as not to stand out for the cameras.  I had no such thing with me. My team leader, who by the way is a first rate team leader, by far the best out of all of them, pointed out that there was a JD sports shop just around the corner and I had 10 minutes to nip round and get a cheap shirt.

Off I ran, only to find that JD did not open until 10 am and it was only 9 am.  What to do?  Then I spotted a Lidl nearby and rushed inside on the off chance I could find something. Up and down the aisles, but no t shirts.  Suddenly, I thought I saw something. A green t shirt? No, men’s pyjama set, green top and chek shorts.  But faced with the time limit, I had no choice. I grabbed the green top, ran to the checkout and tried to buy it.  Thenassistantmwasnt going to have it. Part of a set, she said. 
Don’t need the other bit, I argued. After some persuading, I finally managed to pay for said pyjama top and ran back just in time to get into the arena.

So, if you happened to be watching the badminton the other day and happened to a  bright green top, with a picture of someone sleeping on the front, that was me in my men’s pyjama top!

I guess the other thing I like about doing this, is the break from being a manger and having to make decisions, tell people what to do, etc. how nic it is to be told what to do for a change and not have to think…..

Bacck to reality soon, so I’d better make the most of it.

Goodnight xx

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