I am all packed and ready to go in the morning. Looking forward not only to the Olympics, but also a bit of sunshine. The weather up here has been dreadful this week. All day today we’ve had either drizzle or full blown rain, plus at work thick fog surrounding the factory. Summer?

So as I have heard its hot in the south, I am keen to explore the sun.
My first adventure tomorrow is to catch a bus. I can’t remember the last time I was on a bus (in this country). It’ll be a novel experience…

The the train to euston, where I will meet up with pals. tomorrow evening is the technical dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony and I have a ticket. Excited! My cousin is actually performing in it too, with her dance students.

On Thursday we are going to a concert in Hyde park, which will be great if the weather stays warm. The bands include some I know and some I’ve never heard of, but are new, modern bands. Getting old, me!
There will be Dizzee rascal, Katy B, Eliza Doolittle, Wretch 32, The wanted, you me at six among others.
I do like eliza Doolittle, good songs. Not sure about Dizzee…..

Then on saturday a trip to the Olympic park and up the orbit, before I start work.

I’m a lucky ole soul 🙂

2 thoughts on “Olympics

  1. I'm envious too. At least you got up and did something about it – I'm going to be a TV supporter.

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