A good Monday

The weather was appalling today. When I got to work this morning there was a howling wind and belting rain. Had to dash from the car to the office to avoid a drenching. Apparently it’s hot in the Sarf! I’ve had scary weather forecasts of temperatures in the 80s. it’s going to be such hard work down there…..

Apart from the weather, it was a good Monday. Spent part of the day putting together a training session for the shop floor that I am delivering tomorrow. The subject wasn’t altogether thrilling but I got play with the new PowerPoint. It hasn’t changed as much as MS Access, which seems to have gone through a major overhaul. PowerPoint has improved a bit though.
COSHH and safety is the subject of the training – trying to get across the hazards of using certain materials in the factory. And some of the materials do have real hazards, eg Acetone, with it’s low flashpoint. Anyway, well see how well the training is received tomorrow.

The other good thing about today is that my new tv arrived. In the end I got a 42″ LED HD smart tv, which is great. What a difference from the old one. Hadn’t realised just how out of focus that tv was! Plus this one is so big I can read everything on the screen, even without me specs!
It does loads of stuff as well as being a tv too! I can surf the net, stream music from my iPod, connect to my PC, play a slides how of my photos… If only I could teach it to cook, it would be worth the money.

Then this evening I cleared up the garden, so that my neighbour can cut down the Bay tree while I’m away. It’s got so out of hand lately. Although its lovely to have bay leaves on tap, there’s no sunlight in the garden any more… So it is destined to go.

Finished up with a bit of packing for my trip; all in all a pretty good Monday.
Now I need to go to bed as I have a new book to start. It’s called Tideline by Penny Hancock. Sounds good.

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