TV or not TV

My TV is on its last legs. I know this because it takes ages to come on, then flickers, sometimes turns off again and then the colour fades in and out for ages….

Mind you it is an old set. It’s one of those with a HUGE back, full of cathode ray tubes. So I reckon I need to get a new one. But what a minefield! There are plasma, LED, HD, 3D, USB, flippin heck it’s only a telly!
Then there a massive screens – what size do I get?

My room is small, so a huge TV is going to be ridiculous. Do I get built-in freeview and ditch sky? Or do I stick with Sky, but get bluetooth so I can connect devices to the tv?
I started to look at options online, but my mind is about to explode, so I gave up.

If any of you gadget experts out there have any advice, please send it my way…

My new tent arrived today too. It is supposed to be an’easy to erect’ tent. But I think I need a degree in engineering to work out what I’m supposed to do. No instructions of course…

Finally worked it out – it’s great! Just the right size for me and Archie, so we will be off on a camping adventure soon if this sunshine keeps up. Me, Archie, a good book and a bottle of red. Bliss 🙂

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