To write right…

Although this blog isn’t very well written and doesn’t contain the most thrilling narrative in the world, the surprising thing is that I have rather taken to this writing thing. As some people will testify, I sometimes have difficulty with stopping myself from writing reams and reams of stuff. Sometimes it is nonsense, sometimes therapeutic and occasionally good. But the thing is it is all practice. I am in a lovely little writing group in Cockermouth, where the others are very encouraging about the things I write. I get constructive feedback and so enjoy listening to their work. Although sometimes, their stuff is so good I wonder if I will ever be able to write anything worthwhile.

Mostly we just write short pieces based on a monthly theme and it’s fascinating to discover the different ways people handle the same subject. I do sometimes wonder if my writing bug is so prevalent because I don’t spend a lot of time conversing with people. When I’m in a group of people I don’t know I am very shy and find it hard to make conversation. Even one to one it’s difficult for me to express myself. But on paper or online I can be someone else. I can write about anything that’s I my head without having the fear of someone putting me down or laughing at what I say. Those ate hang ups left over form my childhood!

Writing here I can say whatever I want without fear. That’s why I love it.

I’m even thinking of writing a novel. In fact I’ve made a good start on it. I have the plot sorted and the characters; I just need to develop my writing style so it’s more accomplished and readable. So, dear reader, if you start see an improvement let me know!!

Tonight I almost finished the picture ive been working on. But I was in danger of rushing the lat bit and spoiling it, so have left it now to finish off tomorrow. But hurray – I will get it finished in time for the exhibition deadline.

Once the pictures have been submitted, I will do a bit of the novel.

Then it’s time for the Olympics.

My duties include standing outside the stadium with a giant pink foam hand! How cool will that be?


Night night lovely people xx

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