Well, for those of you who did read yesterday’s blog, i was right! It was gibberish.

Never mind, sometimes a bit of gibberish isn’t a bad thing 🙂

And while on that subject, has anyone read ‘God’s own country’ by Ross

I’d like some opinions on it, as I found it a fascinating book, full of anomalies. Written from the perspective of a man who at times seemed intelligent, then at other times retarded, it followed his rather solitary and harsh upbringing in the Yorkshire countryside. It was written in dialect, which I did like. It’s a well written book, but I have some difficulties with the plot.

So if youve read it I’d love an opinion, particularly on the ending.
I will say no more about the story, in case anyone is tempted to readit and then maybe we can discuss it..

In the meantime I am off for a walk with my faithful companion 🙂

J – thanks for feeding the fish x

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