Sun and rain

What an interesting week it’s been. I’ve gone from standing in freezing, torrential rain to sunbathing in a deck chair in the space of a few days. From complete solitude in the depths of a wood to the crazy melee that is the tube in summer.

Friday saw me meeting a friend to go and watch another friend carry the Olympic torch along Morecambe prom. I was late because the rain was so heavy I could see no further than a car length in front of me on the M6. Nasty driving it was.
That rain never let up all day, but despite it I had a marvellous day. The crowds turned out regardless and the torch was carried with panache up to the statue of Eric Morecambe for photos. I was interviewed for the radio and sang and laughed With the rest of the crowd. Soaked to the skin, we returned for a lovely lunch and met a whole group of new people and had a great time. A latish journey home, still in the damn rain ended a really special day, on which I had my photo taken with the Olympic torch.

Feeling I’ll the next morning, I struggled with a migraine for a few hours before finally shaking it off to go for a dull, chilly walk. Then set off of Carlisle to meet same two friends for a girls weekend.
We’d arranged to go and see a band I have wanted to see for a while. They were playing in a social club, which at first seemed like it was going to be strange. We were told off several times for not obeying club rules!! However, as the band warmed up and the locals chilled, we started really enjoying ourselves. Drink was cheap, music was good and I even got up to dance with the other two! The band came and sat with us in their break between sets, which was nice. I know them through Facebook and it was marvellous to meet them. After they finished around midnight we three went on to a couple more clubs – with an older clientele!
Spent Sunday with the girls again, enjoyed their company very much.

A bit of an Olympic theme has developed this week. After the torch, I headed off to London on Monday to collect my volunteer uniform for the Olympics. I know everyone doesn’t feel the same way as me about the Olympics – there are people I know who think its going to be dreadful and think I’m daft for volunteering. It’s costing me quite a bit to travel up and down, but once I get there and meet the other volunteers, the atmosphere is so good and we are all excited to be volunteering and just being part of the whole thing! I’ll never get another opportunity to do it.

The weather in London was the complete opposite of the weekend. Red hot, sunny, lovely.
I’ve written on this blog previously about the negatives of living in the countryside, but having spent so much time in London lately, I am reminded of some of the disadvantages of city life. One being how horrendous the tube can be in hot weather. No air, smelly people, crowds cramming together……
Couldn’t do it every day.

I guess in the end I was pleased to get home last night. Although I do love London, it’s better in small doses. I will have to make sure I’m well prepared for the two weeks I’m there for the olympics. I will miss my countryside 🙂

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