After the last dismal  blog entry, I felt I should say a few positive things today.
Feeling a bit better today as I met up with two cousins last night that I haven’t seen since at least 1974! It was really nice to see them, so woke this morning with less of a cloud overhead 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m going to London to take part in the Nightrider challenge. Feeling quite positive about it, I guess. The weather forecast isn’t great, but a bit of rain never killed anyone. 100 km is a long ride and should take about 7.5 hours at my speed (inc stops) so my biggest problem will be tiredness afterwards as I do like my sleep. But I expect the adrenalin will keep me awake for the duration.

I’ll try and take some photos – apparently it’s awesome going over Tower bridge at night, so will report back on here at some point.

Meanwhile, I’m going to check the bike, put a bit of air in the tyres and have an early night to catch up on the ZZZZZs.

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