Summer weekends….

So here we are with the long awaited sunny summer days finally here.

We all love these fine, warm, long days, don’t we?

Feeling happier and brighter along with the sun?

Not me. It’s odd, isn’t it. I Should be on top of the world, enjoying the outdoors that I love so much….
But, although I’ve been for a beautiful walk, I can’t help feeling sad on days like today.

Weekends are funny for me. But especially when the weather is so glorious….
days for families, hours to be spent in the company of those you love.
I sat on the side of the lake watching couples strolling hand in hand along the shore; families setting up the barbecues for lunch al fresco; groups of friends setting off for a climb up the valley…

Not a day to be alone. A day to share the gorgeous countryside.

Ah well, here I sit in my little garden wondering if I will ever have loved ones to share the summer weekends with. After 53 years I’m kind of tired of my own company. There’s only so much of my own company I can enjoy…

Through the week I am out and about every evening, in the company of others. Come the weekend, they all want to be with their loved ones, understandably.

You know, I just don’t like weekends any more.

I do sound so sorry for myself, don’t I? I’m not really, just realistic. I will go on enjoying summer walks ( and cycles) by myself.
But oh how wonderful it would be to share them with someone….

Better go in now, I think the sun has baked my brain!

One thought on “Summer weekends….

  1. Ps…..
    That blog post sounded rather more melancholy than it was meant to!

    I still enjoy my gorgeous countryside…

    And this month I have no free weekends to. Worry about anyway. Exciting times around the corner I reckon. šŸ™‚

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