Carefree summers

As a non writer, it’s often hard to come up with an idea for a new blog post. Wouldn’t it be great to have so many ideas bursting from your brain that you couldn’t wait to get them all down on paper? Or in this case screen.
Sometimes I have fleeting ideas while driving or walking, then by the time I get home, clean up, wash the dishes, tidy the house, etc etc they’ve evaporated..

Hence the lack of posts of late. Creativity just ain’t happening. Maybe it’s because I’m in a good place again. I seemed to be much more creative when I was depressed. they do say that depression and creativity go together. But all artists and writers can’t be depressed, so I just need to train my brain a bit better.

Having said all that, I was playing some music earlier and it took me right back to the most wonderful and carefree summer I’ve had. the summer of 1980, which I spent working in a guest House on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly.
A summer of endless sunshine, fun and partying. On the island where no-one locked their doors at night cos there were no thieves – nowhere to run to…
An island that was 3 miles long and two miles wide and we could cycle around the whole thing in a couple of hours; where we’d wander round with no shoes, lie on the beaches, climb the rocks, draw and paint, have barbecues at midnight, drink beer on boats moored in the harbour, party with divers from the mainland. Joy.

The scillies are the most wonderful islands. If ever you get the opportunity to go, please go. I adore those islands. Of course, it wasn’t all play – I did have to work to earn my keep! But the Smugglers Ride Guest House was a fun place to work. Early starts, but free afternoons; waiting tables for dinner, then finished for nights out at the local disco or in the many cosy little pubs.

Cleaning rooms every morning, I’d take with me a little yellow radio – awful sound quality, but those wonderful tunes crackling away while I cleaned are the ones that take me right back now.
I can feel, smell and almost experience being in those guest rooms while Kate Bush is belting out Babooshka – one of my favourite songs ever. As soon as I hear even a snippet of that song, I’m right there in a sunny room, happy as anyone can be…

That wee radio played all those fab 80s hits over and over, intersperced with Simon Bates and his love stories….
Sexy eyes, by Dr Hook; Another brick in the wall; Cars, Gary Numan; the Stones emotional rescue;
And one that is playing away in my head right now that I can’t bliddy well remember the name of…
da da di di daa;  da da di di dee; da da di di daa; da da di di dee….
wish I could get the name 🙂

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