In a change from the recent animal blogs,  I decided to talk about my ‘bucketlist’ instead, as I’ve been thinking and planning bits of it recently!

Does everybody have a bucketlist?  Or is it just me?
By bucketlist I mean a list of things you want to do before you die 🙂 Or at least get too old to do them…..

when I turned 50 I realised (maybe a bit later than some people!) that life is for living. And I decided to experience as many of the things I’d like to do as possible. already since then I’ve done quite a bit – too much to list here; and anyway as I’ve done it already I’ve crossed those things off the list now!

this is about the remaining stuff on the list…

There’s loads on it – where to start?

A trip in a hot air balloon and a glider. Maybe even a parachute jump!

A glide down a zip wire – should be easy to do as there’s one just a couple of miles away! But can I persuade anyone to go with me? Not a chance!!

Going Ape in Whinlatter forest – climbing through the trees on ropes etc.

A segway ride; driving a tank; quad biking..

Completing all the wainwright walks.

Getting a piece of writing published – just once!

Learning blues/jazz piano. Having bought my digital piano, I am already trying to learn – still stuck in the old classical ways – following the music note for note. How I’d love to be able to improvise…

 More Shakespearean acting on stage – a bigger part next time!

Going to see a play at the Globe

More travelling – love to see Ireland, especially the Giant’s causeway and walk across that rope bridge they always show on the tourist info! Iceland and the Arctic circle to see the Northern lights! Russia, Africa, India, everywhere….  🙂

I’d like to become a Buddhist – go for refuge. Maybe even become an ordained Buddhist.

Learn to swim. Ever since I snorkled in the Great Barrier Reef (albeit with the help of the crew and flotation aids!) I need to do it again. Learning to swim is on my list for this Autumn, once I’ve done the Rave for Life, the 100km Nightrider cycle ride and the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge….

Abseiling – how fab it would be to glide down a mountain side…

Riding a horse – never done it.  (well when I was very small, but can’t remember it)

When I watch those TV ads about starving children in Africa, watching those haunted yet beautiful eyes, instead of crying and paying £2 a month, I’d like to actually do something to help them.

I’d like to be like my friend Sam, who when she saw the terrible life the street dogs in SriLanka were having, started up a veterinary hospital, and a charity to keep it going.

I could go on and on, but that lot will last me a few years 🙂

Oh, one final thing. I’d like to find a good man who would love me enough to do some of those things with me; and maybe have a bucketlist of his own that I could help him with…

Ha! That last one seems the hardest one of all to achieve, but even if it is I will have a bloody good time working my way  through the rest of my bucketlist!!
I don’t want to get to 90 and have regrets about what I didn’t do.
If I die of fright doing any of the above, then at least I didn’t die in a chair in front of the telly…

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