Jimmy and cozzie

After a bit of a break, I decided to finish the saga of the animals! The break is really because of the animals, as I’ve been out on the bike a lot training for the charity ride and also walking to prepare for the 3 peak challenge.

But as it’s snowing today and I am full of cold, with swollen glands and feeling sorry for myself (lol!) I thought I’d stay in and write a bit of blog.

So – Jimmy Jaw and Cozzie were the next kittens.  Jimmy was ‘found’ near a farm after he’d apparently been hit by a car. His little face was such a mess – the skin on his bottom jaw was hanging down like a huge flap. But our wonder vet operated and stitched it all back together, so Jimmy mad an astonishing recovery. He was going to come here after that! While he was recovering in the cattery another tiny little scrap was brought in. she had been thrown over a garden wall with her litter mates and left to die. The only survivor, little Cozzie was barely alive when found, but was nursed back to health with hourly hand feeds and bathing, etc.  She was far too young to survive really, but against all the odds turned into a little divvil.  she was put into a cage with Jimmy and they bonded from the start. so when the time came for us to adopt Jimmy, guess who came too?

And what a comedy duo they were. Jimmy was always quieter and had a bit of trouble eating sometimes with his patched up jaw (hence Jimmy Jaw – the nickname that came from the fact that he resembled Jimmy Hill!)
but he became a mini celebrity once when he went missing and made the papers! He turned up after several weeks, skin and bone and starving!  Cozzie was always the naughty one – we came in from work one day to find her climbing inside the Christmas tree; the next day we came in and the tree was lying on its side!!

Those two were inseperable as kittens and always close. Cozzie would wander around Keswick; Jimmy was a country cat; but they both brought us plenty of ‘presents.’ ie mice, rats, etc….
Here they are:

And here’s Jimmy’s Jaw…

Well, those two lived for a long time. Jimmy was always prone to kidney problems after his stint away from home, but they were both elderly when they died…

Next time, Esmerelda, my dear, dear favourite blind cat.

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