Hello 🙂

I wanted to follow up the last blog post I did on the train yesterday, while tired and travel weary…
Reading it back today, it sounds a bit moany – but I didn’t intend it to come across like that. It was just an observation of how some women use their good looks to their advantage – and I guess I don’t blame them; they just live in a different world to me!

The other thing I noticed about that post is the way it’s formatted – typing on the ipad is useless. Even though I used the correct spacing, left gapes between paragraphs, etc. it still came out as one solid bit of test. Flippin ipads. Not as good as they’re cracked up to be (except when David Hockney is drawing on them).  His exhibition was fabulous!

Before I went on the trip as talked about yesterday, I was at a Jazz singing workshop with Jilly Jarman. What a wonderful teacher she is and she really gets the best out of people who aren’t particularly singers.  I can’t believe she actually got me to sing on my own in a room full of people.. without any embarrassment.  Amazing.
I will be going back to her next workshop and any more she might be doing.

Today’s walk around the woods was amazing too. Spring is finally here at last. Daffodils are out, birds are nesting, frogspawn is well under way. and thank heaven the clocks will change this weekend and the nights will be lighter. Enabling me to go walking or cycling in comfort after work. I’ve just ordered a bike rack for the car, though, so I can take the bike part way to work, park up an cycle the rest. I would cycle it all, but there’s a particularly dangerous stretch of A66, where the road turns into a windy dual carriageway, on which the cars shave the edge of the road so closely that they couldn’t possibly see cyclists round the bends.
So my plan is to take the bike on the car to Cockermouth and then cycle the 10-12 miles to work from there and back to the car after work. 20 miles a day should be a good start to building up to the 100km Nightrider event.

Better say goodnight now though as I’ve had a few glasses of red – not too many as the typing is still readable!

sleep well my friends x

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